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Tish opened the doors to a whole new world of resources!

Prior to coaching with Tish, I felt like I was stuck in a rut. My determination, ambition, and level of confidence were low. My mindset was close-minded. I had just graduated college and was unsure of what my future was going to look like, and it scared me. Never did I imagine that it was even an option for me to do something that I actually loved doing right away. Tish opened the doors to a whole new world of resources that motivated and guide me. She gave me the knowledge to know that my mind, like any other muscle, can be trained for positive thinking and much more. All the fear that comes with starting a new business was overcome with confidence and a new understanding of my mindset. After the coaching I made the decision of starting my own dress line. Never in a million years would I have imagined that right after graduating college I’d be starting my own business. The old mindset, my old way of thinking, did not allow me to dream beyond what I saw in my environment and what I thought was possible. I couldn’t be happier with Tish’s coaching and the results it brought into my life. Thank you Tish for your patience, knowledge, and understanding.

Dana Figueroa

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Meet Tish
My 12 step coaching system guides struggling entrepreneurs to achieve the success they desire.   I help them learn how to master their minds using universal law, so they may become powerful creators in their life.

I believe that we are more powerful than we ever dreamed, once we break free from our limited thinking patterns.  My job is to find out what is limiting you, and then help you train your mind to change it.

Once equipped with the skills to master your mind, you are free to express a lifestyle and business that work beautifully together, beyond your wildest dreams.  Your potential is so great, let me help you access it!

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